Palm Print in Palm Beach

Wallpaper is the inspo for this outfit, in which I match my monokini to my Sonix iPhone case in an attempt to look like the now infamous interiors of the Beverly Hills Hotel, or, more locally for me in this post, The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach.

Best Dressed at The Breakers in Palm Beach

The superlative title of this post isn't just me bragging - it's the apropos name of Boston dress rental shoppe Best Dressed, which graciously sent the Bostonista and I packing to Palm Beach with a suitcase full of frocks like this beautiful Eliza J. number, perfect for romping around The Breakers on a Sunday afternoon. I have to admit, I've never "done" dress-rental before, but I can already see how it'll allow me to make more adventurous formal wear choices without having to think too much about "practicality." (Ugh.)

Untouchable @ Home: Modern Map Art

I like to believe that walls can talk. The walls of our living room, on the other hand, tell stories of all the places my boyfriend and I have visited, lived in,  and love. We each lived in different cities before moving to Philadelphia, so we have posters of Washington D.C. (him) and Boston (me) hanging up, alongside some maps and other posters and prints. My newest addition is this black&white print from Modern Map Art.

Winter Style: Equipment Blouse + Krewe Sunglasses

It took the jaws of life, and this sleek, ever-so-slightly sassy and definitely screwy Equipment Blouse to pull me out of my pull-over rut and into something decidedly more polished. Together with my trusty jeans (still can't ditch those!) and my new pair of straight-from-New Orleans Krewe sunglasses in an icy shade of blue, this easy update breathed some new life into my wardrobe rut. There was a quick warm spell on the east coast last week, so a faux fur stole snagged at Forever21 in Georgetown, D.C. this month sufficed for outerwear, and is, hands-down, my favorite accessory ATM.