You May As Well Add Model, Photographer And Stylist To Your Resume.

If fashion and celebrity culture in the early aughts were seen through vaseline-covered lenses and heavily Photoshopped, painstakingly perfect pictures, now, amateur mirror selfies are more likely sources of influence and inspiration. An era of oversharing is in full-swing, and consumers are more accustomed to images shot on an iPhone than overly-glossy photography.

Sachin & Babi at Neiman Marcus

Together nearly twenty years, Sachin and Babi met at FIT, and have worked with Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, and Armani as a B2B embroidery company. In 2011, they started their own line of RTW and evening wear, and the modern-day Alice in Wonderland ball gown from the current collection is just one of many pieces you need to see (and touch, and wear) to believe.