Melting Body Oil Solid

Melting Body Oil Solid

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Vacation in a jar. You know that feeling of spending all day in the sun, sand and surf, and then going inside, taking a shower, and coming down for pre-dinner drinks with wet hair and super-clean, super-soft skin? That's the feeling we've got going here. Slather this on post-shower all year 'round for never-ending vacay vibes (that won't get you fired).

Rich, all-natural oils and butters melt on your skin on contact for a summer vacation-clean feel, year-round. Spa-day vibes courtesy of the soft pink color and ever-so-gentle ylang-ylang scent. Handmade in the USA in tiny batches. Each jar is numbered by hand.


Shea is pretty much a miracle butter. It is known to heal skin, even skin tone, and is even thought to slow hair growth, reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, and boost collagen production to help minimize scars and keep skin bouncing back. 

Coconut Oil is a delicious anti-microbial, blocking bacteria and extending the shelf-life of products sans chemicals. It has a bad rep as cloyingly sweet (false!) and overpowering (wrong!) thanks to cheap-o, artificially-scented mass-market lotions and potions, but the real stuff is smooth, clean and low-maintenance. OH, and it’s also an all-natural sunblock - it’s got a natural SPF of 4-7, so it’s not bullet-proof against the sun’s rays, but it’s a good, all-natural start.

NO: Parabens, waxes, fillers, chemicals, unpronounceable things (unless you count ylang-ylang, that one's tough).