Renata Certo-Ware
Writer, Blogger, Traveler, Armchair Anthropologist + Untouchable Founder.

I'm a writer. I write froufy things sometimes, and I also write poetry, essays, and character sketches. Little by little, I'm starting to share those. Look out for them here.

I have a day job, that I actually really enjoy.

I live in Philadelphia. I used to live in Boston. I am constantly plotting my return. I loved it there.

My name means "reborn." I do it all the time.

What's in a name?

I started my first blog a few years ago, on a whim and out of boredom. I picked a name that sounded quirky and weird and fun, and stuck with it for five years. But it didn't have a whole lot of meaning to me, as far as names go.

So this time around, I wanted to give my new project a moniker that would speak to who I am, what I do (and what I want to be doing), and how I see.


I've been dancing around the periphery of several industries - fashion, journalism, marketing, the list goes on - trying to find an in. Where do I fit? Why won't anyone pay me to do what I want, what I love? 

I came into it with a lot of stipulations, lots of terms and conditions. I want to know everything, at once. I never wanted to start as an intern and slowly, painstakingly claw my way to the top. I didn't want a regular 9-5 gig. I want to create, every single day, and be as expressive as I want. I want to challenge. 

I've had many triumphs, but I've also felt like an outcast, an unhireable, an Untouchable, in the industry. So I'm taking that, annointing myself, and running with it.

Because there's a flip-side to being Untouchable.

It has another meaning, a meaning wherein being Untouchable means beyond reach, not affected. Or, unsurpassable; on another level entirely. 

I like that meaning, too.

The Evolution of Untouchable

Untouchable originally started as a fashion blog.

Well, even before that, my very first blog - the one of a different, less heartfelt name - started as a place to publish my experiences living in Istanbul. but I soon found that although I was writing about being a damsel in a strange land, when I wasn't writing, I was actually spending my time scoping fashion blogs. So I decided to a rebirth was in order.

Then, I shut down operations and started Untouchable. Gradually, I added essays, art reviews, and more. Now, with my latest rebirth, I'm realizing that my life isn't one or two or even three dimensional. I love learning about cities, trying new restaurants, reading about feminism, race, and politics, and getting into the nitty-gritty of the business side of fashion and shopping. I'll also readily admit that sometimes, I just love dressing up and taking pictures.

So here on Untouchable, you'll find a lot.

  • Travel recommendations
  • Outfit posts
  • Op-Eds about the fashion industry, models, e-commerce, feminism
  • Shopping tips
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Art write-ups

I can go on...

Call it wide-ranging. Call it unfocused. Call it a modern survival guide. Call it trash reading or thought-provoking. Or just call it Untouchable.


Need to know more? Get in touch! Contact me here