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All Natural Skincare: Damn Good Face Wash - VIDEO

All Natural Skincare: Damn Good Face Wash - VIDEO

I have a new obsession, and it is damn good.

Damn Good Face Wash, to be exact, an all-natural skincare line from Cape May, New Jersey, that launched in March and has already amassed a cult of devotees across the country.

Kate Hauf, the founder, hand-makes each product to order using 100% natural, 100% pronounceable ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, raw honey, and raw apple cider vinegar. The results? Velvety smooth skincare that smells like the granola bars of the gods and that gives dull, sun-damaged and thirsty skin (ahem, guilty!) a supple, bright, and healthy glow that won't quit.

Aside from the delicious ingredients, I love the simple, apothecary-inspired glass bottles that each product comes in; it's chic bathroom decor and is much better for your skin than plastic, to boot. (More on that in the video, below.)

I got to test drive the whole system, which starts with the O.G. product, Damn Good Face Wash ($22), and also includes Damn Good Toner ($18) and Damn Good Oil ($22). I don't go to sleep anymore without using the oil, and although I was told about a year ago by my trusty aesthetician in Boston that toner is totally unnecessary, this one works, honey. It's super cooling and refreshing, and I can feel the clean happening. You can't argue with vinegar, and that's a fact.

Even though it's only a week in to my new regimen, I am already seeing - and feeling - results. 

Check out my video, below, for the run down:

I chatted with Kate, who is also a registered nurse, wife, and mother of two, about her company. The damn awesome founder of Damn Good Face Wash graciously busted some beauty myths, shared her daily skincare routines, and let us in on what she's learned since launching.

UNTOUCHABLES: What's your beauty routine - AM and PM?
KATE HAUF: My morning beauty routine is pretty rushed as of late with school starting and needing to feed two kids, wrestle a head-strong Nora into clothes, pack a lunch for Quinn that I can be proud of and that he'll eat, guzzle coffee, and make myself look presentable all in a short 60 minutes. I alternate between washing my face with my Damn Good Face Wash // The Works or just rinsing my face, then I use The Works Toner followed by my new The Works Oil. I let the oil soak in a bit while I brush my teeth and then I apply minimal makeup. The house could be burning down, but I will always sweep concealer under my eyes to make me look more awake, apply blush, and finally load on the mascara. 

At night, my routine is more leisurely and pampering since the kids are asleep and I have had a glass of wine (yahoo!). I wash my face with The Works and use the Spin for Perfect Skin facial brush by Vanity Planet. It's pretty awesome. Then I apply The Works Oil and that's it. If I have a zit or something, I will use the Damn Good Clay to spot-treat it and just leave it on overnight. Once a week or so, I will do a full-face mask for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off before going to sleep. That clay really works magic, pulling out the toxins and leaving my skin looking and feeling amazing.

UNTOUCHABLES: What's one skincare myth that you just don't buy into?
That you have to spend a ton of money and have some crazy routine and products with loads of difficult-to-pronounce ingredients. Your skincare routine can actually be quite simple when you find the right products. I believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body, so choosing healthy, natural, simple products can really allow your skin to be it's best. 

UNTOUCHABLES: What surprises have you learned about skincare since you started Damn Good Face Wash?
 I have been flying my hippie flag for awhile now and have been making so many of my beauty and household products for years. When I started Damn Good Face Wash, I was really surprised at how quickly it became successful. People are passionate about their skin, I mean really passionate and they are looking for healthier and more natural alternatives to what is out there. How great is that?! And these uncomplicated and natural products work!

UNTOUCHABLES: Best beauty tip you ever learned?
 You can not be at your best if you eat and drink crap all day. Drinking water throughout the day is key. Eating whole foods and avoiding processed, sugar-laden junk is also key. If your diet is good you feel better, you look better, you carry yourself better, your skin will look better, and you will feel so much more beautiful. 

Next up for the healthy and wholesome mama? Skincare for men, kids and babies, so stay tuned!

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