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Clarins Spring 2015 Collection

Clarins Spring 2015 Collection

Looking good takes work. And serum. Lots and lots of serum. And, lip oil. That's a thing now, and it's pretty game-changing.

Step 1. Lay on a foundation for the foundation.

Because one doesn't simply apply foundation. (Without making sure your skin is super-hydrated.)

Start with a quarter sized shot of Double Serum, $85 (or as beauty afficionados in-the-know call it, Nectar Of The Gods) and Super Restorative Eye Treatment, $85, to prep pores, then layer on the Multi-Active Day Wrinkle Correction Cream, $85. Top yourself off with UV Plus Antipollution Sunscreen, $41, to ward off sun damage, and keep skin looking as great years from now as it does today. (Working late and hangover not withstanding.)

Then, you're ready for a boost from Everlasting Foundation, $41. It lasts 18+ hours, and has SPF 15, to boot.

Step 2. Color

Clarins' is in full bloom -- this season's color palette is aptly named "Garden Escape", and it's all about shimmering lids and eye-popping evergreen eyeliner. 

Step 3. Details, details

Add in soft, sun-flushed cheeks  and a sweep of Be Long Mascara  for thick, undeniable lashes for a look that is feminine and powerful. There are two schools of thought when it comes to mascara; big vs. small wands. Clarin's Be Long is relatively small, and takes a couple extra sweeps, but coverage is very thorough and very even.

Step 4. Kiss kiss

Then, the icing on the cake, er, lips. A combo of sorbet balms, velvet lipsticks, and silky lip oil offers up a sweet, natural look.

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