Living Proof PhD - Perfect Hair Day

Once, a friend said to me - and a group of about a dozen frat boys that cared 0% - "This. Humidity. Is ruining. My hair." I still quote her, with the requisite eye-roll, to this day.

That friend literally couldn't even. But, she wasn't lying. For women with an affinity for wearing their hair down, even the very mention of summertime causes fearful hands to fly up to heads, smoothing real or perceived fly-aways. It's a constant battle against heat, sweat, sea salt, and yes, humidity.

I received a PhD (the kit, not the degree) from Living Proof at the beginning of summer, and have been using it religiously (almost more than I can say for my real college degree) all season, and it works, honey.

Starting with the sweet-smelling and strand-smoothing shampoo and conditioner and finishing with the 5-in-1 styling product, frizz has been all but banished. And, for the record, I live in Florida now, where impromptu rainstorms are a daily occurrence. I can now safely say that I cross parking lots in downpours with confidence these days. About once a week I also rock the night-cap overnight perfector on wet hair about once a week, as well, so I wake up with perfect, moisture-drenched waves.

The results? Super-smooth, velvety locks, and not a hair out of place. My new shoulder-length summer cut would definitely not have been the same without it!

Alice and Olivia blouse (similar here and here), Gap Jeans, Balenciaga Sandals (similar style here)

Alice and Olivia blouse (similar here and here), Gap Jeans, Balenciaga Sandals (similar style here)

Living Proof also sent me a curl-enhancing system, so stay tuned for a review and pics from that, as well. For the first time in my life (seriously.) I am a person who alternates between curly and straight hairstyles; before, I wouldn't have been caught dead with my natural hair, which was somewhere between Gisele's beach waves and Anne Hathaway's "Before" hair in Princess Diaries. (Ok, it was more Anne, less Gisele.)