Off-Duty in Balenciaga Sandals, Palm Beach

Palm Beach is for lovers - of sun, surf, and chic sandals. This is my second time back, and I always stay at the Tideline Ocean Resort and Spa. Every nook and cranny is totes 'grammable. Better yet? Tideline, which is run by Kimpton, is as serious about social media as I am - they have a supply of selfie sticks at the front desk for guests to use - along with fire-branded oranges and retro bicycles for idyllic rides along Ocean Boulevard. (See what I mean? 'Grammable to the max.)

While I wasn't busy basking at the beach and sipping at the bar, I indulged in my other vice - mansion stalking along the coast. Coming from Boston, and before that, the Main Line (outside of Philadelphia, if you have to ask...) where it's all about restraint, I can't get enough of the over-the-top architecture in Palm Beach. We spotted a domed complex, a monastery-inspired castle, and a Chateau-style mansion on the same block. #Squadgoals

I packed light (for me) so these Balenciaga sandals were pivotal for transitioning from running around snapping pics to pre-dinner drinks; they're all it takes to dress up my trademark off duty black jeans-and-a-tank look.

Tank, Champion (similar here) / Jeans, Anthropologie / "Extended Vamp" Sandals, Balenciaga / Clutch, 424 Fifth.

I really love how exaggerated the shoes are. They are both cartoony and oddly practical - everything I look for in an investment piece.

And although she wasn't much of a beach bum, I think Myrtle Snow would agree, don't you?

Image : FX via rebloggy

Image : FX via rebloggy