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3 Tips for Traveling in Style with NIC+ZOE

3 Tips for Traveling in Style with NIC+ZOE

You know what's not cute? Plodding through the airport in ratty sweatpants. We've all seen it, and some of us (ahem) have done it. (Hey, it was an early flight!)

But you don't need to tell that to Dorian Lightbown, NIC+ZOE founder and CEO. Lightbown criss-crosses the globe several times a year, so it's no surprise that her cozy clothing brand is designed with a nod to jet-setting cool-girls and women who wear the pants. And dresses. And sweaters. And skirts... 

So in the spirit of Spring getaways - both real and imagined - here's what to wear en route.


This is the holy grail of mile-high chic. Chances are, your in-flight (or in-car) time will only be an hour or two, so you can focus on arriving in style, not on how to use the seat back tray as a headboard. So go ahead - rock a skirt and a moto-jacket for a polished, edgy look. And cue the supermodel breeze as you deplane. 


You're mother was right. (Ugh.) Pack a cardigan, and dress for comfort. That said, you will likely land looking exhausted, so wearing something frumpy won't do you any favors. Comfort doesn't have to mean sleepwear - a loose-fitting dress in a thick spandex will make you look dressed up, without being fussy. Who has time to tug at a dress while rushing to catch your connecting flight?


This is the easiest to plan for, since you can (in theory) control the environment - heat, AC, and, if you're lucky, radio. My go-to? A cotton tank top or tee and chic and tailored track pants. Feel free to pop your feet on the dashboard and cue a grown-up Britney circa Crossroads.

Look 1: 12-hour flight? What 12-hour flight? Falling Feather Cardi, $128 + Sunrise Twirl Dress, $218 + Rings, available exclusively at NIC+ZOE at Shops at the Prudential.

Look 2: This is so what I'd wear for a quick weekend getaway. Sundown Moto Jacket, $174 + Perfect Tank, $44 + Tribal Twirl Skirt + Tablet Case (worn as clutch)

Photography by Gina Manning
Makeup: Penny at Tom Ford/Saks
Location: Shops at the Prudential Center
Wardrobe: NIC+ZOE  at Shops at the Prudential
Jewelry: Rachael Ryen, available at NIC+ZOE at Shops at the Prudential

PS: Read my interview with NIC+ZOE founder here.

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