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Untouchable @ Home: Modern Map Art

I like to believe that walls can talk. The walls of our living room, on the other hand, tell stories of all the places my boyfriend and I have visited, lived in,  and love. We each lived in different cities before moving to Philadelphia, so we have posters of Washington D.C. (him) and Boston (me) hanging up, alongside some maps and other posters and prints. My newest addition is this black&white print from Modern Map Art.

It Is Beauty That Really Calls - The Agnes Martin Retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC

The Rotunda at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan is perhaps the perfect place for a retrospective because it is, by design, cyclical; one can see backward or forward from any vantage point. Add to that the space’s airy curves, linear columns, barely- there inclines and the gentle shadows cast by low walls and it’s a most fitting medium to showcase the work of Agnes Martin, an artist who, over a career spanning more than five decades, honed and refined her practice of studied abstractions and strikingly stark minimalist pieces.