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Best Dressed at The Breakers in Palm Beach

The superlative title of this post isn't just me bragging - it's the apropos name of Boston dress rental shoppe Best Dressed, which graciously sent the Bostonista and I packing to Palm Beach with a suitcase full of frocks like this beautiful Eliza J. number, perfect for romping around The Breakers on a Sunday afternoon. I have to admit, I've never "done" dress-rental before, but I can already see how it'll allow me to make more adventurous formal wear choices without having to think too much about "practicality." (Ugh.)

Joan Didion's Packing List

Joan Didion is as well-known and loved for her laconic, soulful writing as she is for her perfectly pared-down style, and her packing list, which she published in her 1979 book The White Album, shows that with a well-planned outline of her travel wardrobe, style is second nature.