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Talking Shop With Best-Dressed Patriot Julian Edelman

Talking Shop With Best-Dressed Patriot Julian Edelman


Football and Fashion don't always go hand in hand, but with ballers-turned-models and one degree of separation from Gisele, the Patriots are arguably the most stylish team in the league. And, season after season wide receiver Julian Edelman comes out on top for his effortlessly dapper style.

While he’s self-conscious about his height - 5’8” if you must know - Edelman is 10 ft tall in swagger. The player, who’s been a fixture on the Boston Social Scene, is more often than not the Best Dressed guy at a party, but by day, his fans know, he’s just a guy who really, really loves burgers.

The Instafamous footballer often takes to social media to interact with fans and share photos of his training sessions and snack-time splurges, and while he is certainly a bonafide beef afficionado, he’s just as likely to post a photo of a plate of homemade quinoa as a juicy burger from Wahlburgers.

But enough about #Burgertyme, let’s talk fashion! We caught up with Edelman at the John Varvatos store opening in Boston, where we chatted with him about his style rituals - and why he and Lady Gaga aren’t so different, after all.

THE UNTOUCHABLES : How do you summarize your aesthetic?
JULIAN EDELMAN : Whatever looks good! I like to be polished, but I do like to throw on the suit and the tie. I wear what I’m comfortable in. I like trendy stuff; I like to wear it, but I like to put my own little flair on it. I can’t really fit into a lot of stuff. I’m kind of short and stocky, so I don’t always get to wear what I want to wear.

Where do you shop for clothes?
I love Rag and Bone, John Varvatos, Jack Spade. I go to Gucci every once in a while. I love going to Newbury and checking out the little boutiques. 

You’re from California, and you head back home in the off-season, so how do you transition your style from West Coast laid-back to East Coast puritan?
I definitely dress to the coast, and for the events I’m going to. When I’m back home in the Bay Area or Los Angeles, I’m usually not in the whole scene or anything, I still like to look good, but I’ll throw on a pair of Vans and be comfortable.

Besides you, who’s the most stylish football player on the team?
Obviously, Tommy (Brady) has great style! And, he’s not with us anymore but Brandon Lloyd killed it. Danny Amendola - he’s got a great style that’s kind of funky, kind of West Coast that I like. And Brandon Lloyd could dress to the nines - I love his style.

What’s your game day style?
I always wear red gloves on the field. That’s my thing in the game! My mom can never really see me, so I wear red gloves because it kind of pops, and I think it looks cool with the uniform.

That’s the same reason Lady Gaga doesn't wear pants! She said in an interview once that her grandma can only see light colors, so she doesn't wear pants so her grandma can see her better.
That’s cool - me and Lady Gaga have a lot in common. 

Let's talk about another type of pre-game: Do you have any rituals at home before going out for the evening?
Actually, when I’m at home getting ready to go out, I always love to throw on Frank Sinatra and kind of have my shave or trim my beard, and it makes me feel like I’m getting in the zone, you know what I mean? Very classic, suave. I’ll mix it up with Aerosmith, or depending on the night some Drake, Jay Z, I love the music thing and that’s a huge ritual for me.

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