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ORDERING: Easy peasy. Frequency/quantities are really clearly explained, checkout was a breeze and delivery was quick. 
PACKAGING: 5/5 - SO fun!! Everything from the shipping box to the bag containing the starter kit (which is so cute it's getting reused) to the colorful logo is Instagrammable.
PRODUCT DESIGN: 4/5 - Sleek af. Minus one point because it's a little too sleek - I wish there were grips or something for soapy hands.
EFFECTIVENESS: 4/5 - Pretty good! Nothing comes close to waxing, of course, but ain't nobody got time for that all the time.
LONG-TERM USE: 5/5 - I shave about 2-3 times a week and the first cartridge has lasted me almost 2 months...!
PRICE: $ - $9 for a starter kit and $9 for 4 replacement cartridges is a great price. Still more expensive than comparable men's razor subscriptions (Dollar Shave Club and Harry's), despite speaking out against the "Pink Tax."
FINAL WORD: Yas. Why would I go back to buying razors at the drug store? BUT, I'd like to see Billie really take a stand against the Pink Tax and price match Dollar Shave Club and Harry's.

I don't do this often, but...I saw a sponsored post for Billie on Instagram, checked out the website, and pretty immediately decided to sign up for the razor subscription. I like to think I'm not a sucker for marketing (who am I kidding, it's my job!) but I can definitely appreciate a well-placed, relevant ad with beautiful visuals when I see one.

And Billie truly is attention-grabbing! When I posted the unboxing on my Instagram story, I got more messages than usual from people wanting to know what was in the box, do I like it, and so on. Kudos to Billie on truly solid branding.

But, does the product back it up? That, my friends, is a strong yes.

Everything from packaging to design is A+, but it's definitely more than a pretty face. (Or leg. Or whatever.) Billie razors are significantly less expensive and waaay more convenient than drugstore brands, and functionality-wise, they're nearly identical. They come in four colors (two pinks, two blues), have five blades (pretty much an industry standard by now - remember when three blades were a big deal?), are made in the USA, and have 360 degrees of aloe cushioning the blades for maximum glideabilty.

The design is super sleek, so there are no rubber grips or grooves, which, to be honest, I found myself wishing for as the shower situation got soapier and soapier, but I can safely say that they are much more gripable than cheapo drugstore disposables, and definitely more than straight handles men's razors. According to the site, Billie "teamed up with top New York industrial designers to perfect our handle." Ok, then! 

The magnetic holder is pretty cool, and it's fun to pop the razor back onto when I'm done with it, although the holder came with a small square of adhesive putty, like the kind you hang posters with - it hasn't fallen off yet, though, so fingers crossed!

The best part is how long they last! I shave about 2-3 times a week, and usually, with Schick or other razors, I notice the blade becoming dull after 3-4 weeks so I swap it out with a new one. The first Billie cartridge has lasted me almost 2 months, and I didn't event think to change it with the backup razor from my starter kit until I received a message from Billie that a new kit is coming my way, as per the subscription frequency I selected.

billie razor subscription.png

Part of Billie's Female-First messaging is a pretty bold claim that the company basically gives the finger to the Pink Tax. (You know, the phenomenon of virtually the same exact products/clothing/skincare geared towards men costing more for women, the only difference usually being that the women's item is pink.)

Let's compare.

Gillette Venus (Women): 
Starter kit: $10-$14
Replacement blades (4): $21-$24 ($5.25 - $6/blade)

Schick Quattro (Women):
Starter kit: $10-$12
Replacement blades (4): $15

Schick Hydro (Women):
Starter kit: $13-$14
Replacement blades (4): $21 ($5.25/blade)

Dollar Shave Club (Men):
Starter kit: (6-blade razor and the Sh*t, Shower & Shave Trial Kit - ew...) $5-$9
Replacement blades (4): $9 ($2.25/blade)

Harry's (Men):
Starter kit: FREE ($3 shipping)
Replacement blades (8): $15 ($1.87/blade)

Billie (Women):
Starter kit: $9
Replacement blades (4): $9 ($2.25/blade)


Billie beats (by far) the drugstore brands. But it's still more expensive than Dollar Shave Club and Harry's, both geared towards men, thereby disproving their campaign against the Pink Tax. 

Dollar Shave Club razors are pretty ugly, but Harry's has some cool colors. The design isn't a soft (read: lots of angles, bad for getting into, ahem, tighter spaces...) so I can see how technically, a female-bodied person could buy and use the men's brands, although they aren't necessarily ideal.

Here's some of Billie's specific language, with my notes in parentheses.

Ah, the pink tax: that extra amount women are charged for certain products or services, for no good reason. You see it with fashion, dry cleaning and personal care. And you see it with razors. We’re strongly against the pink tax. (Are you...?) That’s why our razors aren’t just half the price of women’s shaving brands, they’re priced in line with men’s razor subscriptions. (In line with, but still more.) Drop the pink tax. Pick up Billie. (Billie could stand to drop the pink tax just a little bit!)

Women shouldn't be an afterthought in the shaving category. (True)
We deserve to have a great shave and no, we're not paying more for it. (Ok, but Billie is still a little more expensive so...)

We're here to make a daily routine a little more delightful and a lot more affordable. (Fine. It's totally more affordable than drugstore brands.)

Don't get me wrong, I'd still recommend signing up for the Billie subscription - they're cute, effective, beyond convenient (if I never have to buy razors at a drugstore again I'd be thrilled) and fun. I'm definitely a fan.

It would be nice, though, to actually kiss the Pink Tax goodbye for good.

Whaddya say, Billie?

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