Scott Sternberg's Mom Left The Cutest Message On Band Of Outsiders' Final Instagram Post

Band Of Outsiders has disbanded, and, despite its decidedly indie status among the bigger, more bankable brands that shared Barney's floor space, news of the label's rise, decline, and shuttering has been among some of the most well-documented coverage in recent fashion history.

From founder Scott Sternberg's plans to expand from a $12 million business to a $40 million dollar one, which he outlined for Wall Street Journal in 2010, to rumors of trouble in May of this year after staff lay-offs and a freeze on production,  up to the designer's subsequent Final Instagram Post last month,  it's all out there, and the brand's successes, failures and important lessons therein should be studied by fashion students, businesses, and enthusiasts alike.

Business and bottom lines aside, besides Sternberg's oft-cited famous friends from his equally as oft-referenced days as a Hollywood agent, there has been one constant source of support for the designer - his mother, Maureen Sternberg. From Band Of Outsider's SoHo store opening to Sternberg's collaboration on a Starbucks cup, Mama Sternberg has documented it all on Instagram. But perhaps her most telling move has been the simple note she posted on Sternberg's now-famous "Fat Lady" post, his final on the brand's instagram:

"Love you son an amazing person with a work ethic like none other! The best is yet to come" she wrote, with no less than three hearts.

On her own account, she's posted plenty of #totesadorbs pics of the designer as a young boy, a "BTS" pic inside his SoHo space, and more. Bonus points for being on Instagram for almost three years, and for pretty much mastering hashtags.

Scott at 5 with sister Rachel looking on

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My boy👍

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#proud #drip #bandofoutsiders

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With a support system like that, I think Scott will do just fine. Because fashion designer or not, mothers are always right.

Images: @thisisbandofoutsiders, @reeniestern on Instagram