Think You Know The Difference Between The US Army and The Balmain Army? Take This Quiz And Find Out.

Earlier this month, I reported on the new US Army uniforms for Bustle, which include upgrades like shoulder pads, pared-down pen pockets,  and a brand new camouflage print called "Scorpion 2."  In researching the piece, reading through the official army press release, and scanning some camo coverage from the fashion media, I realized that perhaps there's not such a huge difference between the US Army and the Balmain Army, after all.

So, whichever side of that chic, well-guarded fence you fall on, see if you can guess which of these quotes about camo were spoken by fashion industry personalities or by military personnel:

1.) "Soldiers are authorized to mix and match T-shirts, belts, and boots."

2.) "You can really feel the army, you can feel the battle."

3.) “Each of us has a right to wear whatever we want. It’s part of what we fight for.”

4.) We will still be the most lethal fighting force the world has even known even if our belts don't match for the next few years."

5.) "Camo is the leopard print of men’s wear.”

6.) “We were surrounded by a spirit of survival and camouflage is a hallmark of that.” 

(Answers below)

Photo Credit : AKM-GSI

Photo Credit : AKM-GSI

1.) Army Press Release, July 1, 2015. 2.) Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director, Balmain. 3.) Jim Korn, the owner of Kaufman’s Army/Navy Store in New York City. 4.) Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey. 5.) Nick Wooster. 6.) Michael Kors, referring to his post-Hurricane Sandy collection in 2013.