Fashion News Recap: Men's Fashion Week, Margaux's Bespoke Ballet Flats, The Divisive Rue La La Equality Tee and More

Here are the hottest happenings from the past week from my Fashion News column at Skim the headlines, and click to read the full articles:

Selfie Stick Harnesses Are Officially A Thing Now, Thanks To Designer Zana Bayne

Brace your self(ies): Zana Bayne just upped the selfie-stick game in big way. The queen of all things leather, strappy, and sexually frustrating whipped up the selfie-stick harnesses worn by model Saskia de Brauw in Interview Magazine’s July 2015 issue. The spread, titled simply “Selfie,” centers on de Brauw busily snapping away on her cell-phone against a bleak, leafless backdrop. Perhaps distracted by her own phone, she steered off course and ended up in a not-so-enchanted forest? Whatever the case, Saskia will have pics to prove it.

Givenchy Relaunches Haute Couture During The Spring 2016 Menswear Presentation

It might technically be Men’s Fashion Week, but creative director Riccardo Tisci timed therelaunch of Givenchy’s Haute Couture label for Fall 2015 to sync up with his Menswear Spring 2016 presentation, and despite the contrast of season, gender, and occasion, it worked pretty seamlessly (I’ll never stop punning).

Rue La La "Our Race? Human." T-Shirt Fights Against Racism, But Some Don't Agree With Its Message

Images: Rue La La, @ZanaBayne/Instagram, Bonobos, Margaux, Bustle

Images: Rue La La, @ZanaBayne/Instagram, Bonobos, Margaux, Bustle

Rue La La is better known for its designer sales (what up, vintage Dior tote?) than its current events coverage, but yesterday, the flash-sale site shut down operations of all of its online boutiques to focus on one offering: a simple black cotton tee. Rue La La’s “Our Race? Human.” t-shirt (featuring a small Rue La La logo splashed across the back, because #branding) seeks to take a stand against racism.

Margaux Bespoke Ballet Flats Brand Was Started By Two Harvard Grads With Serious Vision

Although heels may sometimes be mandatory on red carpets (ugh), making a second (or third) Starbucks run in sky-high sandals, or waiting at the subway platform while wearing platforms just isn’t practical. More often than not for most ladies, it’s a choice between looking polished and avoiding crutches.  But thanks to Margaux founders Sarah Pierson and Alexa Buckley, you can now have made-to-measure ballet flats that have already been vetted by Vogue

Bonobos Is Raising $50,000 For The #BonobosOrphanProject, Helping Rescue & Care For Primates In A Congo-Based Sanctuary

You can now snag some warm and fuzzy feelings along with your gingham shirts and never-below-the-knee swim trunks because Bonobos plans on raising $50,000 for the #BonobosOrphanProject. The funds will go to Lola Ya Bonobo, a sanctuary based in Congo (where the largest population of bonobos live) that rescues, rehabs, and releases the primates. It’s especially important because bonobos are now endangered, thanks to generally unsavory local practices like the illegal bushmeat trade (vegan, anyone?) and a raging civil war.

Zayn Malik, Joe Jonas, and David Frampton's Chiseled Jawline Sat Front Row At Valentino Spring/Summer 2016

It’s been hot this week in Paris (allegedly — I missed my private jet to the Men’s Spring Collections today so I wouldn’t know) and it was just as hot on the front lines at Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2016 show, as well. 

As male models sauntered down the runway at the Hôtel Salomon Rothschild in abstract florals, embroidered jackets, and a pineapple-printed clutch that brought a tear to my eye, it was the onlookers in the front row that very nearly stole the show. 

Joe Jonas, wearing a maroon, tulip printed blazer, brought his own gravitational pull to the runway as he looked on, seemingly unaware of his own swooniness. Fellow former boy-bander Zayn Malik debuted a bleached buzz-cut and was predictably mobbed by adoring fans on his way inside. His outfit — loose-fitting creased pants and a crisp white button-up, sans tie — was perfectly summery. Also in attendance was British actor David Frampton, or as I like to call him, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt’s love child.