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Reed Krakoff at Kohl's Just Feels...Wrong

Reed Krakoff's collection for Kohl's officially "launched" in late April, just over a year after the designer announced what is slated to be a temporary closing and restructuring of his eponymous line. I say "launched" because while Reed Collection is still in its infancy, the designs themselves are several seasons old. The bags don't just reference the designer's highly-coveted pieces, they are exact replicas

Fashion News Recap: Men's Fashion Week, Margaux's Bespoke Ballet Flats, The Divisive Rue La La Equality Tee and More

The hottest happenings from the past week? Check my Fashion News column at Here are the top headlines. Hint: Taking selfies just got easier (and chicer), Givenchy's runway had sky-high highs (winged eyeliner, lilac lace, Kendall, Candice and Naomi) and very low lows (inmate fashion, men in skirts), and Bonobos is running the most apropos fundraiser ever.

WTF, Merriam-Webster?

Merriam-Webster has given 1,700 words and phrases their nod of approval, incorporating lingo like "jeggings", "sharing economy", and my personal favorite, "vocal fry", into the dictionary for 2015. Surely, "twerk" is a crucial addition to our vocabularies, and, society.