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This Mackage Coat Is The Ultimate Winter Investment Piece

This Mackage Coat Is The Ultimate Winter Investment Piece

"Perfection doesn't exi-"

Luxe Leisure: "Uh, have you seen the Marlon Reversible Down Coat by Mackage?"

Me: 😵

Seriously, this coat is close to godly. It's unbelievably lightweight, super warm (proof: these photos were taken in December in Boston's South End, and I'm not crying frozen tears) and impossibly chic! At the risk of sounding dramatic, it's simply the ultimate everything - sporty, classic, easy, polished. I threw it on over a denim jumpsuit, and it instantly upped my outfit from "I don't want to wear real pants today" to "Outta my way, I have brunch plans."

At $750 it's an affordable luxury, but it's definitely an investment piece. It's versatile, cozy, and a compliments-magnet, so even though you'll be hiding in it all winter long (seriously - what even is the point of getting dressed for the next three months? My outerwear almost never comes off!) you can still kill the street style game.

Check it out at Luxe Leisure, and stay tuned here on the blog for some great workout gear from the Boston-Based purveyor of cool athleisure next!

mackage coat.jpg

Coat: Mackage Marlon Coat via Luxe-Leisure, $750.
Jumpsuit: Gap
Bag: Juno Bag at Madewell, $150
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Sunglasses: Krewe St. Louis

mackage coat luxe leisure.jpg
south end boston walking.jpg
#LiveLeisurely (Athleisurely, that is!)

#LiveLeisurely (Athleisurely, that is!)

Wrapped up in Boca Terry

Wrapped up in Boca Terry