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#LiveLeisurely (Athleisurely, that is!)

#LiveLeisurely (Athleisurely, that is!)

Dress for the job you want, right?

If you are underestimating the power of good workout leggings, please stop. Do not sleep on luxury athletic wear, because nothing will make you feel as good as - and make you want to work out more than - some kick-ass athleisure.

Enter: Luxe Leisure, a Boston-based e-shop (with plenty of brick-and-mortar pop-ups) founded in September, 2017. The site specializes in not only workout gear from the likes of Blanc Noir, Alala, Vimmia, and Nesh NYC, but also slouchy luxury separates for after your work out from ATM, Mackage (like this coat I blogged a few days ago), LNA, and basically every cool girl lounge-able line you could want.

My BFF/workout buddy can vouch for me here - as soon as I put on these Alala leggings ($115), Michi top ($175) and Blanc Noir jacket ($129, on sale for $70 now), I literally started running loops around the seaport. There's something about beautifully-made, well-fitting workout clothes that puts a little extra kick in you, oui?

With a pre-spring curation from IRO launching just before the new year, and Frame, Koral and 3x1 coming in 2018, this has been a busy freshman year for Luxe Leisure. I hope website founder Christine Crevier has time to get some good workouts in!

Scroll down for pics, and then keep scrolling for some more info about Luxe Leisure's pop-up strategy (hint: a brick and mortar store is #goals), and what makes the purveyors of closet cool stand out. 

hotel gym.jpg
southie boston running.jpg
beacon hill workout.jpg
seaport boston.jpg

Sunglasses: Jacques Marie Mage via Lunette Optic Boston. All clothing from Luxe Leisure. Shoes: Asics,

UNTOUCHABLE: The site was born online, but it seems like you're keeping busy with pop-ups around town - there was a pre-Holiday sale at Yotel, and a few before that. What's the strategy for brick and mortar pop-ups?
CHRISTINE CREVIER: So far, we have been doing two or three pop-up shops a month. We have done smaller, one-night only pop-ups at some of Boston’s luxury residential buildings such as 30 Dalton and The Benjamin for a ladies night they hosted for their residents, as well as longer term pop-ups like at Yotel Boston or 416 W Broadway, where we set up shop for a full weekend. We will continue to do more in the new year, but our long-term plan is to open a permanent brick and mortar location in Boston.

UNTOUCHABLE: Will you always be in Boston, or will you take the show on the road to other cities for pop-ups or permanent spots?
CC: Right now, we are focusing on Boston for our pop-ups to test and try different locations for when we can open a brick and mortar location in the future. However, we are a full e-commerce business, so our online presence is much wider than just Boston, and we send out orders across the country. As we grow, there is definitely a vision to expand our pop-ups into new cities.

UNTOUCHABLE: What makes Luxe Leisure different?
CC: We focus on our specific market and are able to react to our clients wants and needs on a much more personal level than other big box retailers. We start by curating what we would wear or want in our own wardrobes, and we also try and bring new brands into the Boston market that do not have any other physical locations of distribution to offer newness and unique pieces to our clients that they may have not seen before.


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