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Reed Krakoff at Kohl's Just Feels...Wrong

Reed Krakoff's collection for Kohl's officially "launched" in late April, just over a year after the designer announced what is slated to be a temporary closing and restructuring of his eponymous line. I say "launched" because while Reed Collection is still in its infancy, the designs themselves are several seasons old. The bags don't just reference the designer's highly-coveted pieces, they are exact replicas

Arthur & Daughters At Maark Concept

Arthur & Daughters' Private Label collection of perfect pinnafores and fierce frocks effortlessly lend themselves to both novices and master layerers alike, proving that there's not a single outfit in existence that a sweet neoprene number or a felted wool apron dress can't make even chicer.

Joan Didion's Packing List

Joan Didion is as well-known and loved for her laconic, soulful writing as she is for her perfectly pared-down style, and her packing list, which she published in her 1979 book The White Album, shows that with a well-planned outline of her travel wardrobe, style is second nature.